No Fix No Fee Policy

Computer Repairs Preston

The speciality of Preston PC Repair is the no fix no fee policy. We don’t even charge call out costs for customers within Preston and nearby areas. We provide the best IT service in the locality with a no fix no fee policy. This is a broad promise which ensures that you don’t have to pay anything if your problems are not fixed. This policy shows how confident we are in providing the services you need.

It is important to note that to Preston PC Repair, ALL problems are fixable.. what do we mean when we say “no fix no fee” then? Well for example,

We might arrive at your place and your PC requires a fresh installation of windows, but the computer is 10 years old, a full installation of windows done properly with all windows updates, virus protection, backup/recovery of old files, returned to your property, setup internet, printer etc can take several hours and we only charge £70 for this, but still we may advise you that the computer isn’t worth spending the money on.. you need to draw the line at fixing out dated computers. As computer parts only last so long the probability of something else happening in the future is going to be high, so you may end up spending the price of a new computer before long (£250 for a tower from Dell?). Similar to fixing an old car. It’s your decision in the End.

When we arrive at your home/business we can give you a quote and you can say no. But please remember that all parts are at Cost price, you only pay for our time, we will order any parts we don’t have in stock at your property so you can see exactly how much it is. This proves that we are completely honest and transparent. 90% of problems are fixed within 1 hour, so the chances are that you will have your computer fixed by an expert for £35 (home user), at the most £70 (if computer needs a full windows install normally), so it should really only be that the price of the parts or our recomendation (to old) that should make you say you don’t want to go through with it. If you don’t, for our honesty we would hope that you would use our services in the future should you require them

Please note that this Policy is also available to business customers bar any callout charge if located outside of the Preston Area (as with residential customers also).