Our Liability

Preston PC Repair is covered by Public Liability Insurance.

Why risk technicians who could cause injury or damage equipment and not pay the claim?

Although we have had no accidents since we opened, you should have a piece of mind that we are covered in the unlikely event that something did happen.

Preston PC Repair is dedicated to giving all our customers the most comfortable, easy, low priced computer support in the West Lancashire Area.

Unfortunatly Preston PC repair is not liable for any loss of data that occurred due to the failure of hardware, software or any other third party device prior to starting the repair work. Any data that is corrupted by the presence of virus or spyware in your computer already can’t be compensated by us. The company shall not be held liable for faulty hardware which may become damage during software repairs (software cannot damage hardware, but for example, a full virus scan may cause a hard disk failure if the hard disk is already in a weakend state).  Any problem or loss that occurred due to uncontrollable reasons may not be attributed to our service. The company cannot be liable for any delay in repair work due to any cause that is not under human control. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO BACKUP YOUR DATA

Preston PC Repair is fully insured and loss due to faulty repair service, dropping your computer (unlikely), tripping over tools we have left out or other reasons will be paid back. We are sure that accidents won’t happen with our expert technicians, but our service is fully insured to provide maximum security for your computer.