Broadband Setups

If you have just purchased broadband or have migrated to another Internet Service Provider, you may require assistance in configuring your broadband. Preston PC Repair can setup your broadband for a one off fee of £35. When we install your broadband we do not use any disks that are supplied by your ISP. We install your broadband with a minimal amount of software installed so that your PC does not contain extra uneeded software which will add to slowing the performance of your computer.

Broadband setups

Today, you can’t have a computer at home or office without a broadband internet connection. A computer that is not connected to internet is of no use in the modern internet era.

You should hire a professional technician in order to set up broadband connections to make sure it’s a safe configuration. Preston PC Repair are experts in providing broadband installation services for business as well as residential clients.

Our technicians will come to your location to install the connection.

Preston PC repair provides all types of broadband setups including cable, ADSL, 3g, wireless and satelllite connections.

Aswell as the installation of you broadband connection, we can install a firewall and other internet security mechanisms that you may need.

Preston PC repair provides competitive prices for installation of broadband internet connection for your office or home. The whole process can be completed within an hour by the technicians of Preston PC repair and we generally provide you more than what we promise.

We also provide advanced high speed broadband by combining adsl connections for one big connection, aka bonded dsl. contact for more details.