Remote PC Support

If you need a quick fix, Preston PC Repair provides remote support services. These services allow you to save time and money.

This services requires that you have an internet connection.

It can be used for anything from Virus Removal,helping you install a program, help sending emails, help setting up email accounts and lots lots more.

Preston PC Repair will give you a link to download a small file, of which will allow us to connect to your computer. Once you give us permisision to connect, we can then control your mouse and keyboard from our office. Once we disconnect the program will uninstall from your computer.

We can offer this service by either a credit account, paypal payment (credit card payment, no need to register with paypal if you are not already registered).

The service is Country / or even world wide availability.

 Hardware problems and complex software issues cannot be solved by remote support service and so, Preston PC trepair will come to your location for such problems (Lancashire only).

Remote support is only available by appointment (telephone or email) or when you see the Live Chat support on the right hand side. If you do not see this, we are unavailable for instant remote support, but please contact us and we arrange for this to take place, usually within an hour.

Rates for remote support start at £25 per hour. When we connect to your PC will will estimate the duration it will take, and you can decide whether you want to go through with it or not, if you decide not to, we won’t charge anything. Most problems will be fixed within an hour. Virus Removal may require us to install multiple programs and then having them run complete scans of your pc which may take a couple of hours. In this case we will disconnect from remote suport and we can continue later that day without charging you for the scanning time.

We will provide you a link to install a safe program to begin remote assistance.