VPN Remote Networks

Preston PC Repair provides many types of IT services in and around Preston. One of our specialities is VPN or Virtual Private Networks.

What is VPN? and What is it for?


One of our Estate Agent Clients is using a software called Agency Manager. This software allows property, notes, photos, apointments all to be entered into a database. The software then uploads the software to property websites like rightmove. Our client wanted to be able to enter and retrieve data from software at other geographical locations. Our solution was to install a VPN (Virtual Private Network) between 3 seperate sites. They can now use the software anywhere, even on their laptops anywhere in the world. Another solution for this was for us to host the Agency Manager database on our own hosting server with a lot higher transfer speed than directly linking customer sites using standard broadband connections. High speed wasn’t required here though.

A VPN connection uses the internet to connect your locations together in a Virtual network. Your computers will think they are in a standard local network, in which you can share files and printers, databases and more. The only downside is that your computers will not transfer data at the speed as if they were connected by a LAN, the transfers rates willl be based on your internets upload speed. For applications which require a higher speed we can provide the solutions to you.

What you can do?

You don’t just have to use VPN to link up sites, for example, we can configure a VPN router/server at your office and configure software on a client PC so you can access your work data from home or anywhere in the world.